I Don't Know...

If I'm married and have kids (unless she already knows the reason), I would have to explain to my wife the reason why I wasn't forcing the kids to use the toilet. It would be pretty awkward and might make life awkward for the kids. Saying that though, I wish I was never forced or even told to use the toilet... pants are more convenient and feel better.

What are your ideas people? x
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Once a child is of school age, he/she is generally capable of determining when to use the toilet and should be allowed to make such decisions. We learn through trial and error, and if a child has an "accident" it should be dealt with without punishment or censure.



I think that although parents,in general,should not bow down to the conformities of society in raising their children I see this as an exception.Certain places i.e Delaware,where I reside,diaper wearing past the age of three is so out on the fringe that children in diapers past that age would be subject to hardship beyond recall.Little Johnny or Suzy gets discovered that he or she is going in diapers,at best,other children will take the micky out on them until they are in tears.I am sure the schools would raise a stink as well.

Wait for children 5-6 years is not fulfilled, then to say what to wear diapers and pee in their pants and older children can.