Something Always Seem To Upset Me Everyday

Basically, Its seems as if I am always upset about something, whether its people talking to much or just being bothered with people period.  The only time I don't seem to get upset is when I am at home alone watching tv and on my computer.  I don''t like being this way but I don't know what else to do...can someone give me some advice...thank u!

change101 change101
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Well i don't think i can give u any advice, but i go thru the exact same thing. Every day something seems to upset me. I am anxious all the time.!! And yes, i like nighttime too, cause everything is quieter, and no one is knocking on the door. I used to be a bit of a home body, and i started to reach out a bit, but that didn't seem to really work. I have some real troublesome neighbours. And yesterday one of them really hurt me, and i feel sooooo bad right now.!! This is not something i wish to go thru. I will go back to just keeping to myself. Not really good, i know, but it is much easier on my nerves and my heart.<br />
Hope u find a solution. :)