"try To Stop Me"

               I have been treated like ****, stomped on, thrown around, and been flat out been told that i was going to go to hell for being my self. i have been humiliated, embarresed, judged so on and so on, on a daily basess. i have been called every name in the book by my "family and so called friends" i would say that i don know what keeps me from sliting my wrist and allowing my life to fade away, but that would be a lie, the reason that i dont just end it right here and now is because i want to show them, i want to show them that they were wrong, and show them that i am not a " good for nothing lazy faget". i want to show them that i am a some one, and not just any some one, i am a some one who suvived, i survied the evil of my peers, i am not dont give up, i will not give up, i will not be broken, i will not be a slave to the every day jerks, i am a human and i have the right to live, and i will live my lif the best way i know how, just try to stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                 
countryloverboy327 countryloverboy327
18-21, M
May 10, 2012