I Still Hold That Dream

A message to my love:

Baby I love you more now than ever. Even I find that incredible. My love for you was already stronger than anything I have ever felt.

My dream is to be with you. I cannot be with you now. Not right now. That causes you pain I know but it is reality and we both must face it. You don't want to be hidden and in the shadows. You don't want to think of me with my family. Those things are understandable but they are real. They were there when you met me almost 2 months ago and they are still here.

I will not give up on my dream. Give up if you wish but I hope to God that the day I knock on your door, you will be alone and you will open your arms to me. I will never be with anyone else. I am yours. You know that. You know for a fact and cannot have any doubt about that.

Hold onto our dream darling. Don't let it go. Don't give up. Let me do what I have to do but I beg you don't pressure me, it doesn't help because I am unable to change some circumstances that quickly so all we end up doing is hurting each other. I love you and I will hold you in my arms one day. Hang onto that my love. My heart is in your hands. My love for you will never die. I have never felt like this for anyone and never will again.

I am yours. You are my dream.
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Jan 23, 2013