So many of them bother me. Feet: annoying. Peeing: gross. Nudists: just not into it. Spanking: No. Just no. U hit me and I will punch you in your f#cking face. Yes, spanking is hitting. Diapers: this one is just... I think you need to have a serious conversation with your mother. Or seek therapy, cuz she really f#cked up.
I'm sorry for any hurt feelings but it really just gets old after awhile. Oh and stop asking if I'm horny. That's just... Really?! That's the best line you can come up with?!

I can't sleep.
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are you horny??

To they are too weird! and they professional help..

And they're so defensive of them!! "Like omg there's nothing wrong with me for wanting to to take a dump on my chest!!" Um... yea... there's alot wrong with you. Seriously... how is that sexy??

LOL right! sick bastards..

I like long black leather gloves on a woman....sooooooooooooooooorrrry. ..I don't need to defend it I wouldn't have it any other way either.'s funny that people who hate probably wear some kind of gloves thst I find kinky and would probably enjoy strangling me if they didn't know what I liked.....but I love your hate....if u ever get angry I am always here for you guys :-)

I never said I hated gloves. Just poop.

coooool then choke me in some

Make ur way to Idaho and u got it.

Damn phone!!!

Yeah... You know cuz someone would chose to have a fetish...

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Well that just spanks my fantasy of peeing on your naked feet while wearing a diaper :(
Just kidding! I totally agree with you

Omg that sounds horrible

Sorry! ={

It's okkkk :))

I feel weird telling people that I'm just into normal sex... It makes it sound so boring! I'd like to think it's not normal but what else can we call it?

I know the comments are old, but I also have something to say. People ask me what's my fetish and I tell them that I don't have one they act kind of surprised for some reason and I'm sitting her like is normal sex boring?

It can be I guess... I hear people complain about their partners not being creative in bed. A guy with the same old move or a girl laying there like a dead fish... Yeah, boring, but I agree with you. Just because you don't get kinky, doesn't mean you don't have an interesting sex life!


Me too. Lol they're like oh what's ur fetish??? If you go by the traditional meaning of the word and not by the way these fucktards throw it around, it's something that you absolutely cannot get off without. Then my fetish is uhh... Sex. Cuz yea can't get off without that :)

By your interpretation, girls are my fetish! Either in person or in my head, I cannot get off without them! ;)

I love to experiment tho and I'm sure someone would say I'd like to try some weird stuff. Just not any of the above mentioned junk.

Go on, I'm listening... Lol

Awful liar you are! Confess!!

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You are hilarious.
So what do you enjoy?

Sexually I mean?

All kinds of stuff. But I wouldn't. consider them fetishes.
And thank you :)


You're welcome

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