i do not judge anyone.  i don't like it when people judge me, so why would i go ahead and judge others?

plus, i don't have it in me to do so.

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it sucks when people judge you ^__^ there need 2 b more people like u that don't judge!


ahhh computer is overheating lol...not good lol. its burning me

I am a musician so i can say it!


Its all bad! Not even real music any more!

-_- i like some

I dont like new musics...

lol sometimes...depends on my mood

Sla<x>yer is better!

i sing everything to this cat.<br />
<br />
he does kind of put his ears back and give me a glare when i begin to sing slipknot, disturbed..basically anything where i force my voice to sound like those singers..ya i get nasty looks from Tyko lol

Sing him some sla<x>yer!

hehehe yes...i am :)<br />
<br />
hes still liking my singing :D

you really are random...

yes. it is true.<br />
<br />
haha i am singing to my cat :) he likes it

yeah that is what you said...

90% of the time i'm not sleeping til around 8am... if i sleep that is. sometimes i go days without sleep

so i woke up at 1:50am... I cant sleep either.

lol i don't know!!<br />
<br />
my brain isnt functioning at the moment lol its 6:30am... curse this insomnia

Omg what did i do this time?

stop confusing the ferret. lol

If you think someone is nice is that not judging them to be nice?