No More Of This Crap..

what have i spent? a week? two weeks? of feeling sorry for myself for all that happened to me then and during the past. i can't rely on my friends to just break their damn backs in helping me anymore, i have to help myself. and i will.  i will make some changes in my of these changes is no longer going around saying i'm going to kill myself. all it does is makes things worse for me..i thought it would be the easy way out, but its not. i used to think that it would feel good, just some pain and then nothing. but there are things i dont want to forget and a feeling that i have more to i can't live in this state anymore, between being alive and killing myself. though i'll find it hard getting used to certain things, certain changes, i have to move on with my life, i can't remain in the past anymore or look into a future that can never be. i need to get back into this time. i dont want my friends to worry about me because even though i feel so weak inside and that i can't go on, its something i just have to face..i'll never feel stronger or happier if i dont deal with all of my problems now....
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thanks ^_^ though i owe you alot for sticking by me :) as well as to all of my friends

Well said, you can be strong.

actually this is the second time :P

~stands and applauds~<br />
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I totally agree with you for once.....