A Little Strange, No?

I think it is endlessly funny that I added this experience.  Adding to it's humor is the fact that for me, I think it really needed to be said.   I have thought about suicide a lot over recent years.  I think about it enough that it has truly alarmed me in the past, but I know that I am never going to do it.  Not that I'm scared  or anything, I just do not think I am capable of being that selfish.  I have known a lot of people that killed themselves.  I deeply and very truly pity every single one of them for thinking that they were so big that they could give all of US the finger and check themselves out.  I just shake my head and know that nobody is ever going to feel that way about me.

MadRavrrrr MadRavrrrr
31-35, M
Dec 7, 2008