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So I have this stalker ***** in my life that I wish would get a grip and disappear. She is my child's fathers old fling. He used to sleep with her and she would give him stuff but apparently they never spent any real time together. About a year ago she found me on myspace, I almost erased her friend request chalking it up to spam until I got this gut feeling that something wasn't right. What happened next would change the course of history not just for me but for my son and his kids forever. I confronted my child's father and of course he denied at first but then told me everything, but tried to put it back on me as if I did something for him to sleep with this women. I stopped talking to him for awhile after he confronted her but she kept reappearing. I told her she needed to leave my family alone but she didn't. She would put things on her twitter about how she was going to hurt me and take out of town trips to see what was going on. I started getting weird packages in the mail and weird postal mail. My email accounts were getting hacked. So I started following her to see what was going on and to keep myself safe. This woman had no regard for my son needing his father. I had been through everything with my son's dad and we had finally come to a point where things were starting to settle down. He was being so supportive for the first (and last) time ever. He would listen to my problems and we could share how we felt. It was amazing. To be honest I really was starting to fall in love with him for the first time. I always knew there were other women but I wasn't really concerned before my son was born. I didn't expect him to change because of me, I really felt like he would see how much this tiny helpless being would need him to sacrifice his lifestyle. Needless to say it didn't happen. I tried to forgive him but I needed more than what he was offering to show me that things would be different. I finally told him it was her or me and he stopped talking to her for awhile. During that period she decided to stalk me more. She actually found my EP page and commented on something. Seriously? She twitted everywhere about how Tiger shouldn't stay with his wife because of the kids. What?!?!? So your a professional home wrecker. What goes through someones mind where they think it's okay to pull a family apart. There was a point where my child's father tried again, he really committed himself to making it work but it just wasn't the same place we were at before she came into our lives. The openness and communication, the willingness to say I love you, it was gone. We had been through so much and I finally thought it was over but I guess not. We have probably talked 4 or 5 times since then and it's always been arguing. I sent him an email recently to apologize for things I really don't think I am accountable for just to have the peace but I got no response. He sent this strange email with half the letters missing to my three old about a week ago. My guess is he is high or something. Not even sure how it passed spell check. I deleted her comment and blocked her profile but I am sure she will be back. At this point I don't care. My son will grow up with out his father and my grandkids will only have one grandpa. At least I don't have to live my life worrying about whether I am being cheated on or if someone feels the relationship is okay because they don't want to share. I am going to find a father for my son and this time I will take my time and make sure that he understand being committed to me is as much as being a father as being committed to my son. Just wish I would have figured that out before. DOH!
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what a terrible thing to happen. i feel for you :( hope you are getting the happiness you deserve. regards<br />