The Desert

Life is like a desert... lots of piques and valleys. Many of us have had the misfortune of being abused (in various ways) by the world around them. I am living proof that if you live in spite of everyone's wishes, you can and will succeed. I remember times of being beaten in school for looking different, being poor, having buckteeth and being short. Trust me, I know how unfair life can be. I rememebr, as I got older, with all the crap of the past ingrained in me, I started to get into the counterculture, even dabbling in the occult. I basically went from a semi-depressed kid (was seeing a shrink at 10 years old) to a dark, rage-filled 19 year old who only wanted to destroy everything around him. I was at war ith myself and the world. In all reality, I was a cocky kid who thought if he could win people's approval, he could somehow leave the past behind him.

When I learned that I couldn't be happy with myself (based on other people's approval), i sunk deeper into depression- attempting suicied 3 times. I even had an NDE... I went to hell. Spent a few minutes there. Wasn't fun either. Why bring this up? Because of the literal hell most uf us go through in the day-to-day. What made me change... to start out with, was to let go of the past. Bury it. Let it go. FORGIVE the ones who hurt me. I prayed for them. Not easy at all. I am one who knows just how bad things can be...

In summation, I came to know what freedom from the past, shame, rage, anger and depression was when I gave my life to Jesus Christ. That made the difference. For those of you who may think that my faith is merely an illusion, or just some 'crutch' weak-minded people use to shield themselves from life... keep thinking that.

You find out a lot about yourself in adversity, challenge, despair and loss. We must remember that the glamorous life is just some bilge that is sold to us through entertainment. Life is harsh. Life is not fair. And all too often, it's too short.
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My heart tells me you are spot on.

Now that is a Man.. talking there... soon to be daddy too! A great one at that!!