Not If I Can Help It!

Nope! I never want to let my friends down. If I say I am going to do something, well dog-gone-it, I'm going to do it! :-)

I never skip a meeting, a call, or event with my friends... unless I feel like I am dying and really should take a trip to the hospital. Erm... even so, I had once showed up on Skype to keep my promise to my pal Philip, even though I couldn't breath from bronchitis! I tried to play it off, by smiling and giving hand gestures (the thumbs up) that I was okay... but really, I was suffocating! I waited until after Skype, to take a trip to the hospital! Crazy, I know! But this is how dedicated I am to my friends! XD

No matter the weather, or problems, or illnesses that come up... I'll be there for you! As the rain starts to pour! Heehee, sorry... I fell into the "Friends" theme-song there! =p

But, it's true! I have always been this way. Sadly for people who didn't deserve it... I remember propping myself up in a computer chair, sick with the flu, just to entertain a bunch of ladies, who really weren't the best of friends. It was selfish of them and foolish of me to be so dedicated to them. But, I learned my lesson! ;-)

Now, I have wonderful friends, true ones! And it's worth it to make that sacrifice for them! :-D

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Feb 26, 2009