My past is dark, cold, cruel, un-human as it could possibly could get, at the hands of people called family, their acts of selfishness, abuse and thoughtless ignorance....
once upon a time they stole everything from me, to force me to their ways....stole my innocence, stole my dignity, stole my childhood, teenage days, young adult hood, ridiculed me for the way I was....
I will not let my past rule me no more,
I will not let it be the cold, closed off and heartless person I was again,
It will no longer control me under their fear, for they fear now....
I will not let it cage me no more, no more closed doors,
no more walls to keep me in.....
they can no longer hurt me, because they are no longer inside my head, I have driven then out in determination,
Dwelling on their damage only fed them, made them win,
fearing them gave them the control and power over longer will I allow them to do that to me, I have taken it all back,
I look at them now, and they are weak, selfish, sad people trapped in their own hell,
My past has made me strong, and hard, but yet compassionate for people, gave me the more understanding, and the no tolerance to let another person ever even dare to treat me in such a manner, or close to it, and have taught my children the same alike,

Your past cannot no longer hurt you if you do not let it,
the more time you give it, the more they win...they can no longer hurt you, they are not there, you are not that child, that young girl/boy any more....nothing can hurt you if you do not let it inside.
DarkThornedLilyRose43 DarkThornedLilyRose43
46-50, F
Feb 12, 2014