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My Need For Love And Approval Makes It Easy For Others To Use Me.

 My need for approval gives way for others to take advantage of me.  I put up with a lot just to continue a relationship.  My goal is to not let others manipulate me any longer.
lagatta lagatta 41-45, F 6 Responses Sep 3, 2010

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hmmm, my brother is the exact same way and what is really awfull about this is is that its family, if family is like this, what can you expecct from the rest of the world. <br />
And while I see that I need to stop being a pushover( i dont even know where to start) but the idea that you allways have to keep ur guard up just scares me. I cant see it happening. :(

Well, there are people out there that will not abuse your love so don't hold back but do be selective.

I have a real need for love and approval as well and am ashamed of how I go about getting it. I always end up putting others ahead of mine, acting like a pushover or putting my feelings on the backburner. I need to put myself first and show I have a backbone.

Actually........people will respect you if you are not a pushover and love you even more. I've been testing this theory and it works. Be loving but hold back a little of yourself. And by being assertive you don't have to be nasty. I've discovered that if you are honest with your feelings and tell people things in a nice way they usually are quite receptive. Just my two bits.

I think it's natural to want to be loved and we all tend to give a bit too much of ourselves sometimes. <br />
I repeat this behavior despite knowing that it does not work for me...oh well....atleast I'm in good company! Hola Ladies!!

"We Used to be Push Over's" x :)

Thanks Yvonneheart. It's my natural inclination to be a pushover but I think I've had enough now. It's time to think about me and my happiness. Good luck to you too!

Likewise....we are pushovers...:(<br />
<br />
I want to reach the same goal as you...and I will<br />
<br />
good luck to you lagatta x :)