Was It My Fault ?

i once was treated so badly i wish i could have seen it then so badly but what can ya do ? it would mainputale me to make thing everthing was my fault.But it was never my fault he just lied to ay whatever he could to get me me where he wanted me . i wish i could turn back time but i truly cant i hate this has happened to me . y me i dont understand. sometimes i feel like maybe he was right and maybe it truly was my fault ill never know he put the blame on me so he woulnt have to feel gulity for knowing it was him i guess. i wish i never met himi wisg i never cared i wish i never i said i could spend eveyday with you i just i could take it all back but i cant. i just try to block it all out but sometimes it doesnt help.
Tawny26 Tawny26
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 20, 2011

everyday getts better

i feel your pain :(