I Am A 'lifer'.....

I am a 'lifer'....What a 'lifer' means to me-

I will not desert you in time of need. I will be there even if you tell me to go away; I will sit outside and wait for you to let me in.

When you are crying; I want to be the one who helps to soak up your tears.

When your mad; I want to be the one who will calm you in your fits of anger.

 When you don't want to get up; I will be there with the human alarm clock, telling you 'I will not let you lay in bed anymore'.

When your sad at 3 am; call me I will answer & stay on the phone with you until you feel better.

If someone breaks your heart; I will punch them in the face...(lol joking but you get my drift)

 If you are stranded some place; I want to come and save you.

If you are eating dinner alone; why be alone when I can keep you company?

If you are in a bad moood , I am going to do everything in my power to make you laugh....even if that means 'going to the zoo and as we leave yelling

"they are loose!!! Run for your lives"- as we sit in our car and watch everyone's reactions...

When everyone else deserts you, you will know in your heart that abandonment isn't an option when it comes to our friendship; I will always be there .

I am willing to be the bestest friend anyone could possibly ask for. Why is it that nobody is willing to except this from me???



Loopylu Loopylu
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Thank you Ennuye. Your kind words made my day. I agree with you...very good thought. I think you may have a point. You have def. given me something to think about!

I love you z!