And That's That.

I refuse to share nudes with anyone, because only one other person can see me in the nude. I am not to share that with anyone else. :)

I don't particularly care about other people sharing that part of themselves on the internet... it's their choice, after all. I personally don't think it's a wise idea to post nude photos on a website, but that's just me. (:
If you do decide to, just be careful..
delirium delirium
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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

nomadix: Chill out, there's no need to make an *** out of yourself.

Good for you to realize that posting racy pictures is unwise. And I agree that if somebody else wants to do so, it's their business...but not mine. Nice post. And I agree with Japan *points at the first comment* Nice avatar!

We didnt ask you to and we dont want to so get over yourself will you ffs

I COMPLETELY AGREE! And nice icon; I love anime. :3