Seriously Guys....

I am not going to post nude pics of myself. No way. There is little enough privacy in the world as it is... No way am I gunna have naked shots of me all over the Internet.

And I don't care how much you promise not to share them with anyone...

The answer is NO.
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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Good to not give into pressure. And everyone knows there's a ton of pressure on this site.

Kudos to you for having ethics and standards. Everyone knows that if it goes out here it will be everywhere.

Well they all took youpretty seriously. And not just the crtitters.

Yeah, well, I would bet that just about every woman on this site has been asked about a)pictures and b)sex chat.

I'm sure they can't be THAT bad! LOL!

they did mewold and everyone called in sick the next day. so for everyones health i had to pull them off the site or face some serious EP jail time. lol

PT can't get anyone to look at his either. Ha, ha, ha.

no means no, so everyone should respect your wishes.

Thanks mewold.

I have a little bit of a different problem. I can't GET anyone to look at mine! lolol<br />
I am a joker, but I respect you and your feelings.


Yeah, way to go sweetie! So, how about some shots of you in that sexy lingerie??? lol

I'm glad I only have on in my albums...

It seems like a personal choice to me. You should only make pictures available if you feel that doing so is right for you. No one can be fairly criticized for refusing to release their picture. I don't release mine, but that is more for aethestic reasons than privacy.

Hey your very right anything on the internet no matter how protected can still be accessed by others for up to 4 years regardless if you sent it or posted it in an easy access area it could just be a message to someone and hackers can still get it

Excellent thought, my daughters father aways told them to never let anyone take nude pictures of them because they will show up in the wrong places ie: internet, the office, school etc.<br />
It can affect your career, marraige or both.

Good for you Sabrina!

Ummm... I think I'll pass.

OK.<br />
<br />
But you're still welcome to mine... ;=)

Way to go, Sabrina! It's your choice...and you are right to hint that promises of "I'll never show them to anyone" are frequently broken. I applaud you.

Thank you. I appreciate your respecting my wishes on this.