What's Up With The "nudies" Posting Nude 'add Me' Messages On Whiteboards?

Yeah, I actually find it pretty fricking annoying...I come back to EP after a day's rest, and some 8-inch d*ck is personally asking me to add "it" on my Whiteboard.

I could care less....
Eireannach Eireannach
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Bwahhahahhahhahaaahahhahahhahaaaa!!!! You're my Sister from Another Mister. : )

same thing happened to me. I gave him some advice and told him that people might actually think his a *D*I*C*K, so he should take that picture down

OH YES Sis!! Married ones especially. At least I'm straight about it. If I ever met anyone I wanted to be with more, I'd get out of what I'm in now. I've done it before. Keeps things Honest.<br />
<br />

LOL..sis we use to belong to VR the biggest site for pimps and ******. LOL

That's insanely Classy for sure.

ROTFL...yeah...a guy was posting a supportive message next to his penis, on a story I was commenting on FROM WORK.<br />
<br />
But hey, stay classy, guy...

lol too funny more link 1 inch or less lol

I tell them unless they want me to perform a penectomy on them (surgery to remove their penis from their body), I don't want to see it.

get out the tweezers and manifying glass . lol about the size of it.

I'm sick of it myself. I guess I don't mind if they want to put up nudes in their albums, but I want to be able to choose not to see, therefore, I don't want it in their avatar. Furthermore, why do so many assume that everyone has posted nudes? I just want to punch them when they post on my whiteboard: "Add me so I can see your pics." I never know whether I'd rather whiteboard back with "**** you!" or simply block them...

Some people are just childish. They want people to comment on their pictures because they lack self-esteem and fall into a narcissistic behavior pattern. The internet is the new liquid courage for people to push their crap onto others. EP has a lot of adults who act like children. I had one jackass post on my whiteboard that he wanted me to add him so he could view my pictures. I told him no and blocked him. I don't post nude pictures and I don't want false friends. This whole b.s. of "look at me, add me because of what I have to pee with" has gotten really old.

You mean Im not gonna see pics of your noo-noo on here?<br />
What about on facebook?

No-noo you are noo-not! :P