What's Up With The "nudies" Posting Nude 'add Me' Messages On Whiteboards?

Yeah, I actually find it pretty fricking annoying...I come back to EP after a day's rest, and some 8-inch d*ck is personally asking me to add "it" on my Whiteboard.

I could care less....
Eireannach Eireannach 41-45, F 13 Responses Jul 21, 2011

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Bwahhahahhahhahaaahahhahahhahaaaa!!!! You're my Sister from Another Mister. : )

same thing happened to me. I gave him some advice and told him that people might actually think his a *D*I*C*K, so he should take that picture down

OH YES Sis!! Married ones especially. At least I'm straight about it. If I ever met anyone I wanted to be with more, I'd get out of what I'm in now. I've done it before. Keeps things Honest.


LOL..sis we use to belong to VR the biggest site for pimps and ******. LOL

That's insanely Classy for sure.

ROTFL...yeah...a guy was posting a supportive message next to his penis, on a story I was commenting on FROM WORK.

But hey, stay classy, guy...

lol too funny more link 1 inch or less lol

I tell them unless they want me to perform a penectomy on them (surgery to remove their penis from their body), I don't want to see it.

get out the tweezers and manifying glass . lol about the size of it.

I'm sick of it myself. I guess I don't mind if they want to put up nudes in their albums, but I want to be able to choose not to see, therefore, I don't want it in their avatar. Furthermore, why do so many assume that everyone has posted nudes? I just want to punch them when they post on my whiteboard: "Add me so I can see your pics." I never know whether I'd rather whiteboard back with "**** you!" or simply block them...

Some people are just childish. They want people to comment on their pictures because they lack self-esteem and fall into a narcissistic behavior pattern. The internet is the new liquid courage for people to push their crap onto others. EP has a lot of adults who act like children. I had one jackass post on my whiteboard that he wanted me to add him so he could view my pictures. I told him no and blocked him. I don't post nude pictures and I don't want false friends. This whole b.s. of "look at me, add me because of what I have to pee with" has gotten really old.

Just block them.

I'm a straight guy and a few have sent me pictures of their boy parts.

I just block. Never engage in conversation with the weirdos. It only encourages them.

One day I'll get around to putting my own pictures up. Don't worry. The pictures will be "G" rated.

Cool. :)

You mean Im not gonna see pics of your noo-noo on here?

What about on facebook?

No-noo you are noo-not! :P