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Nobody Would Wanna See It Anyways!

I am not a ****. I am not a *****. I do not crave attention from anything with a ****. I will not post pictures of myself in any state of undress online, ANYWHERE for people to see. My naked body is the property of my husband and no one else's.

Besides that fact, nobody would want to see me naked anyhow...unless they have a fetish for stretch marks and saggy post-pregnancy boobs and bellies. And if they do, they're freaks.
AmericanLeanings AmericanLeanings 31-35, F 6 Responses Sep 8, 2011

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Great stance. Don't do it. Your goodies are for your husband.

However, I bet you are not as undesirable as you think. My wife says the same thing, that no one would want to see her nude, I beg to differ. I love seeing her nude. However, she is for my eyes only!

I applaud your stance
However........... I must ask why would you think that a post pregnancy body has any less beauty?
I don't think I am alone in thinking that a woman......... after giving birth is probably the most beautiful being there is........... I mean look what she has just done........... The miracle of birth....... how could we see a woman as anything less than beautiful after such an event?
No I am not a freak............. I just admire women.............. and no I don't want to see photos because I agree...... they should be only for the one or ones you would care to share them with............. not just for any perv that comes along.............. I would find it highly offensive of them to ask when there is no connection.......... So....... I agree with your position

You, sir, are apparently a paragon among men. Most want tiny girls with 24 inch waists and 36 double Ds and find no beauty in the body of a woman who's brought real life forth into this world.

You milady flatter.............

Tips hat........... smiles

You don't paint a very pretty picture of what we're missing . . . :(

Amen sister!

Right on... and, yes, he deserves you exclusively if he so wishes! Cheers. (p.s. We all have our little nicks, dents and bruises...and we are all still beautiful people in our own way.)

No tone....those that are comfortable with their bodies are not necessarily ******, ***** or attention seekers --especially our European friends who are accustomed to nudity. Nudity here in the US seems to only be associated with sex. The human form is all its stages. However, I do feel when someone asks you to share more than you are comfortable with, YOUR wishes must be respected. <br />
<br />
My issue is the nerve of anyone who asks for ANY picture (nude, clothed, plants etc) yet they themselves have none to share. I don't need to see any skin, but a smile is always nice to have to put a face with a name. At all weare here to connect. I don't befriends ghosts.<br />
<br />