Never Have, Never Will!

I get insulted when guys even have the audacity to ask such an absurd request. Complete disrespect. If you want to see nude pictures of women.....guess what there is an entire sex industry dedicated to giving you as many naked pictures of women as your heart desires! It's not a form of flattery to me as much as it's just a total lack of respect for the woman that I am. In this day and age where sex is everywhere in the media & therefore as well as in society and girls are becoming more and more promiscuous I don't blame men for being more open about their requests...but don't assume just because chickenheaded loose goose over there is so willing to spread her legs on camera THAT I'M THE SAME WAY! I have morals, values, ethnics, principles, and standards. I know just what I deserve, what I'm worth & I'll be damned if some guy just sees me as another "good time" or a sex object of any sorts...and by putting yourself out there in such an explicit way that is just what you're communicating to them..that you have no self respect & in turn you will be disrespected. NO THANK YOU!.
Missluhvlee Missluhvlee
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You go girl.