Please Do Not Ask

I am not here to show any nudes of myself, so please respect that.

Although pleased with my body, I feel seeing me without clothes is something that should be shared with someone I love.

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The human body is beautiful. Showing it only to someone you love is selfish and makes no sense to me. Others have said that they only want their lover to see them without clothes but no one has ever been able to explain why. The World would be happier & healthier & more prosperous if everyone went nude as much as possible.

Why are you in this group? If you don't respect our feelings, then just leave instead of starting a pointless debate. Everyone has their own opinion, okay?

@WedgieGeek: I'm not in this group. I'm responding to what was said in this story. But since you asked, it's not an opinion, it's a fact that enormous amounts (trillions?) are wasted on unnecessary clothing: Designing them, manufacturing them, advertising them, transporting them, shopping for them, paying for them, cleaning them, talking about them, storing them, altering & repairing them, disposing of them, etc.. If everyone went nude those resources could go to accomplish all sorts of useful things. How is improving the World "a pointless debate"? It's not about "feelings", it's about questioning the entire concept of covering up the human body (when there is no practical reason to do so).

This is what I was talking about. People cover themselves up out of respect for others. You don't need to be showing your parts to everyone, especially with all the perverts out there. People aren't going to change their views on this, and that's why it's pointless to even say something like what you said. Everyone views sharing naked pictures as something the sharer has to consent to, something for people special to them, and that's not about to change. Anyway, I'm done. I said I didn't want a pointless debate, and I don't, so I'll leave you with your ludicrous ideas. Good day.

Consent to sharing ANY kind of photos is good but covering yourself up without a valid reason disrespects both yourself and others. There is nothing shameful about nudity. Clothing is uncomfortable, unhealthy, and (usually) unnecessary.

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no prob, you have a pretty face btw :)

Perfectly fine reason for not sharing them. I'm the same way.

People should respect what the poster ( like yourself) has put as their rules. I honor all requests like this. Only fair and the right thing to do. Enjoy EP.

I always say - No nudes is good nudes!