I Am Not Uptight

I just wont post nude pics of me or will I respond to those that have nude icon

pictures . I am not ashamed of my body but theres some things people should keep

private . and please no cyber , eather thats for those that cant find a real person. iam not into that.

I feel that those that do post nude pics have real issues on body immage.

so lets be big boys and big girls and put some panties on... i posted the pictures

i was kidding about posting nude pictures of me iam warring a swim suit and it was

at another time when i was younger its in good taste.I feel my pictures are clean . its not personal
I just wont add you if you post nasty coments or pictures on your icon, so come on people
are you that much a child  you can keep the pictures clean?  and the pictures probly arnt you
its what you wish ,ive seen some of the icon pictures that are just so nasty but funny
but post a nasty picture on your icon see i i dont hit the block butten fast . you might be proud of what
you think you've got but some things I dont want to go blind looking at . and iwill report the pic too

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
11 Responses Feb 10, 2010

They say one should never be photographed in the buff. The picture has an nasty way of showing up. That being said and that is easy for me to say.I wouldn't mind it if I were asked to pose or take part in some Spencer Tunick Project. Then again that is unlikely to happen.

sorry about that . i might break the cam. but hubby the only one gets to see any thing <br />
like that . sorry rick wont happen . i know your a real joker .

damn :-(

they are posted and they arnt nude ok evey one

can't wait to see them!!!!

yes thank you all thank you naphal ive done<br />
the same thing .oh your being bad ihaveanamerick,<br />
sorry you might go blind if you saw me nude hehe sorry for the donalds eyes only sorry hun<br />
i would scare you hehehe. iam too much a lady for that but ive got a old pic of me in a pink swim suit<br />
you might get a kick out of i won a beauty contest first runner up for MISS KENTUCKY RIVER <br />
IN1980 lord for a laught i should post the pictures they are in good taste , give everyone a good giggle <br />
so for the fun of it iam gona find the pics so stay tooned . keep a watch out on my blogs

Thanks Lunnas for your comments,<br />
I recently blocked a friend who changed her Icon to a nude one. Even without posting ones own nude pictures, having EP friends with nude avaturs in my circle make me unconfortable... It's important that we grow up yes..

so your saying this would be a bad time to ask for some nude pics then??? damn! just when i finally worked up the nerve to ask :-( LOL

love tom tooo

love ur wisdom wise ive missed ur wisdom<br />
huggs and thanks

I wouldn't do it if I looked like Marilyn Monroe..oh and I do look like her. Then I woke up...Seriously, my picture would make your eyes melt from your sockets, with horror. Not something I want to do. That's not the way I want to present myself on EP either. Now in private..whoo hoo..I'm just a love machine. LMAO..luv ya Lunnas. " She's a Lady" by Tom Jones.