How Irritating

It is more than frustrating when the only thing guys on my IM list want  to do is try and get me to send them naked pics. It's not going to happen. I know exactly what said guys are going to be doing the minute they get the pictures and the idea is enough to freak me out. Hellooooo you're on the Internet, you have a plethora of **** available to you right at your finger tips. Those girls WANT you to look at their boobs.

And when you tell them "No" they take it as an invitation to ask even more.


Lexila Lexila
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11 Responses Feb 13, 2010

about the ''No'' part we are the same. many guys have asked me about my pic and i always refused. sometimes they would insist. ive already got into trouble once im not planning to do it again. plus, i respect myself and i deeply regret that one time. the other odd part is when they ask you about your appreriance. come on guys you arent gonna meet me in person anyways. plus, is quite suspicious. what if the certain guy or even girl is a stalker in real life? then, you are busted.

some just dont get it <br />
i guess somethings small ops i mean the self esteem is really low to have to put pictures<br />
to think people just want to see what might blind them lol.

I think we all at one time or another have seen the nud e body of men or women <br />
and we dont need the education .

that drives me nuts when i dont add you to my friends or add list dont im me for trash talk <br />
if i want to chat like that i can get my husband to talk nasty to me , i dont like it or things is cute . it just makes the person sending the nasty pics look like a sleeze bag . and i block them

funny story.

dont you just hate that ?

You only WISH you could get pics like that from me, SF.<br />
<br />
Michelle, I love that idea. I think I'll have to steal it, maybe they'll get the hint then.

Lexi, thanks for sending me those pics of you. They'll do awesome at scaring away the rats.

SF is a freak. Period.<br />
<br />
Polly: I can't believe guys even have the nerve to ask!

Polly - I freak about telling anyone my real first name, let alone send them a nude photo.

I hate the thought of having that crap out there. You never know what they are going to do with those pictures if things go sour. I don't need my wang out there for the whole world to see. You want to see it? Come meet me in person.