P's And Q's??

I don't understand why people have to think that they can generalize their mannerisms to others? I'm not being racist here.. but white people british or american simply think I am mannerless just because I don't look them in their eye and follow THEIR appropriate mannerisms in every situations.

FYI.. mannerisms aren't universal.. are u a freaking blockhead or what?? We don't care about your mannerisms when you come to our country.. why the **** do you have to bully me to be like you?

Trust me.. I am being good here.. I just don't talk that much.

First of all, I don't reply to elders when they scold you.. your sign of respect should be to lower your head down a little and keep quiet or something..
My dad would kill me if I replied or stare at him.

and second of all.. I don't reply immediately.. its a sign of defiance. Let them have their way first, then say appropriate things later..

If I move to leave straight away.. I am considered rude.. let them leave first.. Cool things down that way..

I am not instructed.. I am suddenly being humiliated.. how stunned I was.. I just stood still.. 

Making assumptions is a dangerous tool to patronize people.. I hate those who does..

amejad amejad
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2011

Hi dik,<br />
Cultural misunderstanding can leave a permanent scar. It's good to talk it out with someone who's<br />
more embracing of all cultures to help you deal with future troubles.<br />
I'm so sorry that you're having a difficult time. May Allah ease your situation. Amin.