I Am Being Repressed For a 5th Month Already

I am being brutally abused in the worstest way by not letting me live normally and do the jobs I love - unlawful and heartless guys are repressing me unguiltfully and awfully
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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Oh wow, you have some "nice" battles there!<br />
Yeah, there are people like that and they are many... though i have not come up with these personally.<br />
<br />
Good is always stronger, the evil seems often stronger. Keep up the good fight!

They are not grownups but this is not my fault. Some people think money and evil will is what makes people powerful and are trying to show me that. <br />
I don't think so however. <br />
That's why they hate me.<br />
Happy to have met another old good-willing soul in here - that's why I created a poll yesterday - "Are all old souls enhancing the light? <br />
I am a domainer but some very bad tech guys who are also into the worstest of black magic are trying to prevent me from living normally and doing my jobs simply because I support the Good. <br />
I did not have normal access to Internet and telecommunications because of them, and they were also very badly torturing me, abusing me and trying to kill me offline not for the first time. Still I know they will learn their lessons when their time is up.

Sad to hear that :(