I Respect Those That Can

I have never been very fashionable. Then again, I would rather be comfortable then well dressed. I have never understood people that are willing to cause themselves pain just to look good. I mean I will work out until my muscles hurt to build muscle mass, but wearing clothes that hurt? I think women look fantastic in those long heels, I just can't understand how they can wear them.
Now I do have to admit, I love the way good suite feels to wear but I hate the way ties make me feel chocked. That's why I use the shirts that have a comfort collar (a small elastic ***** that allows you to stretch the collar a little wider and thereby loosen your tie without it looking loosened). If I can I will choose both comfort and fashion. However, if there is no other choice it will always be comfort.
I take my hat off to women and the stuff that they put up with to look good. I sure as heck could never do it.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Nov 28, 2012