Close Your Eyes And Ears.

that would be the best thing to do if you don't like what i say or write because there's little chance that i will shut up any time soon. i know there are certain people here that would like nothing more than for me to be quiet on certain subjects but, sorry, it ain't happening. some people are fond of saying ignore that which bothers you or you don't agree with. i think they should practice what they preach.
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lol. i can't think of a better reason to keep flapping my gums either.

i just got blocked by one of the biggest pervs on here. see what happens when you don't shut up? if people like that are blocking i guess i'll have to keep talking then lol

if and when i leave this place, it will be my own decision and on my own terms and not because that's what others would like. you're right destiney, let them be the ones to leave if they don't like the atmosphere.

i think a lot of men have trouble dealing with and accepting women that are vocal and opinionated. i don't know what to tell them except to build a bridge and get over it lol. when i feel passionate about something, i speak.

Just passing through with a comment... I see more stories like this one written by women than men. Just as a rough estimation, it's a 5:1 ratio. Apparently sexism is alive and well in the virtual world, having (for the most part) been seen for the fallacy that it is in the real world.

some of the people on here show me just how normal i am and that's saying something! i'm vanilla and they're tutti frutti lol

oh and this person came to my story deliberately looking for specific people to block. apparently he goes looking for people that don't agree with his outlook on life and blocks them without even having had any contact with them whatsoever. wtf? who really has the problem??

that's exactly what a certain someone tried to do to me, kitten. he read a story i wrote about being blocked by certain people, saying that i shouldn't be reading certain things and things i don't agree with but it's ok for him to read my story that HE didn't agree with! and then attempt to chastise me and slander my name. what a nasty hypocrite he is. ep is full of too much crap of all kinds anymore. i see that and i've only been here 2 years.

obviously some people aren't looking away when they come to my stories trying to tell me what to do. if they don't have to ignore certain things then neither do i. with so much crap on here these days, there's nowhere to look away to, it's everywhere you turn even if you're not looking for it. that's why i cancelled my membership. i'm not going to pay even a small amount of money to look at garbage.

why thank you, sir :) btw, interesting name lol

you know how a lot of people are, kitten. they only want to hear what you're saying if you're agreeing with them. disagree, have an opposing view and you need to be quiet. so not happening lol

thank you both for your comments :) the only person that censors me is ME.

much as it might please some, i won't either. they'll just have to deal with it as best they can. not my problem.

Amen, Jerrica!! I totally agree with you!!'<br />
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