Point It Out

Why do people insist on pointing it out that I talk a lot? They act like I don't know that I do, when myself and everyone around me does. It just who I am, and I like myself talkative. Im not shy of saying anything. That was good last time I checked. Well, I guess if there is someone out there who has a problem with my being so willing to babble, then they should save us the time of conversation.
Most memorable point-out:
"Oh hey Carly."
"Hey ____"
"Whatcha doin? Talkin these guys' ears off?"
"As a matter of fact, ____, I am" : )
Well, they were smiling.
CarlyOnline CarlyOnline
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I like women that talk a lot lol. Im more of a listener, so sometimes I like talking to people who talk a lot :P Keeps me from having to figure out something to talk about lol