Even Though I Almost Did Today...

It wasn't because of some fetish. I was walking home from college and I really needed to pee. If I did like that sort of thing, I probably would have done it since I felt my bladder was about to explode. First of all, I would never be able to get over the fact that people are going to know that I pissed my pants. How is that not humiliating?

It's also uncomfortable. I can't imagine the feeling. Oh wait, yes I can, it's terrible. I remember vividly the days I took an afterschool bus after avoiding the school bathroom all day. My brothers and his friends would always make me laugh, resulting in peed pants. I hated it. Despised it. I'm making a vow never, ever to pee my pants again. I will use public bathrooms if I have to. My urination system works just fine and I have no excuse to.

So, if peeing on yourself is your thing, do what you must. I live and let live, but I personally don't like that sort of thing.

LeZombie LeZombie
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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Yes. I live and let live. If that's what you're into or what a community is into, it's fine by me. I'm simply stating my opinion on it. This group isn't me. I don't linger around those communities telling them how gross I think it is. I don't mean to offend or keep anyone from doing what they feel is pleasurable or satisfying.<br />
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I just dislike getting requests from people who are obviously into it, when I don't have any groups leading them to believe I do. Therefore, I simply give a fair warning to those who add me to their circle thinking that because I have sex-related groups, I'll be into a pee fetish, too. They are wrong.<br />
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If it's because of bladder issues, I more than understand.<br />
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It's just not something that turns me on.