MY WIFE IS THE HEAD OF OUR HOME. My wife is the HOH as the current acronym goes. Or you could say we are in a Wife-Led Marriage or Domestic Discipline marriage. In any case, my Wife expects me to obey her when she gives an order. I won't say that i question her authority, because i don't. But, i do sometimes question her decisions for me. Sometimes i just do not want to do what she has ordered me to do and i don't argue with her, but i might passively just not do it. Sometimes she forgets that she gave me an order to so something and she gets caught up in her work or her social club responsibilities and forgets about what she had told me to do, because it was not that important. But if it something she really wanted me to do and expected me to do, and i did not do it, she gets aggravated and scolds me and punishes me. Namely, corporal punishment, and it hurts!
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How did you get your wife to administer corporal punishment? This would be my dream come true if she would do this. My wife is the HOH but she never follows thru when I disobey her

SqI knew from early conversations with my wife (i think our second date) that she believed that children who disobey should be spanked soundly. I knew from our first date that she had a dominant streak in her towards me when she--not me--grabbed me and began to kiss me passionately on our first date. She also, at times, walked in front of me on that first date, ecpecting me to follow her, rather than the other way around. But i do not actually remember when she first spanked me or why, although it was very early during our dating days. It is funny--in the beginning she was afraid she would hurt me if she spanked me, but very quickly came to the conclusion that spanking me had to hurt if it was to be any good. Since your wife is already HOH, perhaps the next time you disobey her, you should admit your guilt and disobedience, present her with a spanking tool that is especially thought of as an implement used by mothers and wives, such as a stout hairbrush, and tell her that this isn't about sex--it is about punishment for disobeying the HOH and making you accountable for your actions and a better husband. Good luck, my friend!

Gaumab, tell your wife that sound spanking will improve your behaviour and obedience, the way you serve her will also impove. I guess, she must see some real results.

I believe these punishments must be especially severe -- maybe a cane and till the first blood.

Well, she has occasionally caused small spots of blood from a switch, but i have seen photos of people caned until they bled and it must have scarring. I think the pain i feel when she lays welts on me is pretty severe. Once her use of a razor strop caused me some slight bleeding, in addition to prominent, painful welts and bruising. She did this for playing with myself, which she abhors.

I've seen photos of male slaves bleeding after severe canings and whippings, too. But I think that in real life it's very unpractical because an injured male slave cannot work properly for his Mistress (or wife). The maximum I've experienced was tiny spots of blood on the paddle (I guess, they had gone through the pores on my buttocks).

Paddlings that produce tiny spots of blood are memorable and effective to correct an errant male.

Surely. Though I wonder why they used to appear when my previous Mistress paddled me and first when my nowadays' Mistress did it, but now they don't appear though the intensity of the paddlings didn't decreased a bit. Maybe the pores on my buttocks are completely closed now?

If you have been spanked very soundly with a paddle long enough, perhaps the dermis has thickened, like a callous, to protect otself against the routine inflammation.

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