Just Call Me Scarlett...

Tomorrow...tomorrow... I shall start cleaning and organizing tomorrow! I miss my bed! I'm tired of sleeping on my couch! Moving is such a *****! I wish I had done it in a more organized way!

I want my bed but I think it's buried under boxes of shoes and clothes and purses and... God, I hope my bed is underneath all that hot mess!!!

Well, nevermind... I shall find out... tomorrow...

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4 Responses Jul 9, 2009

All I have to say about housework is that it's always there. I would much rather go out and make memories then spend my life tied to a house. So mines messy, but it gets a good cleaning every couple weeks and my honey helps at his house, which is wonderful!!! Keep on keeping on!

you know what would give you the energy to clean and organize? Do you huh? come on..... guess? what would give you a little kick? <br />
A MOCHA!!!! Yummy yum yum!!<br />

ZK - honey, I have lived in this house of mine for over 9 years and most nights I sleep with clean UNFOLDED clothes - in the guestroom! (but that last piece has nothing to do with my house!)<br />
<br />
I wish I could afford an organizational expert to come in and take over - or better yet, the TV show "Clean Sweep"!

So when we see you show up on EP tomorrow we are going to laugh and poke fun at you? Maybe even message you a link to this story? :)