My Husbands Son.

     When I met my husband i was so young and in a destructive past. The older I have gotten and received some therapy i have come to realize that almost throughout my life i have had no regard for my life and have been waiting for bad things to happen including loosing my life.

   Let's go back 16 years I met my husband but he was living with a woman on and off and he was dating other woman so he added me to the list of women. The problem was that i knew his family and was friends with his sister who had warned me to stay away from her brother. Of course I did not listen and ended up pregnant and single with his child. At first it was agreed that no one would know but things changed and his relationship appeared to be ending especially after he found out that she was cheating on him. They had a son together and when she found out about me she was enraged. Today as a grown woman with children of my own i realize that what i did was very wrong and that many were hurt. For about two years she did horrible things to us. I wanted my relationship with my husband to end because of her only to get rid of her from my life. She was threatening and would threaten out new born child. I was afraid for my child and for myself. She did crazy things like have us followed and threw a bowling ball through our car window. 

That scenario did not end well my husband to could not take it anymore and order of protections were placed and he did not see her or his child. I remember my husband attempting to get visitations but was told that at the time of birth she was married to someone and he needed to search for that person because he was the legal father of the child. My husband shared with me that this man lived somewhere in South America and that ended that. Very recently I discovered that while my husband was incarcerated he attempted to see his son but the mom was still angry and refusing. 

Fast forward 15 years my husbands son was via my space speaking to our son who is now 15. At first my husbands oldest son did not want to speak to my husband and told my son he was not ready. MY sister in law like the nosy ***** she is began to tell my husband to outreach his son when she found out also via my space that the boys were speaking.  Less than a year ago his son began to have phone contact with my husband the first thing he did was ask for $1000 dollars towards a car. Then he asked for other little things that always included money. About 4 months ago he showed up at our house upset because he and his mom had a verbal altercation that lead to him pushing his mother. His mother became upset and he left to sleep at grandma's house. My husband tried to be there and encouraged him to change his behavior and apologize to his Mother because we both knew this behavior was unacceptable. 

   A couple of months past and he was back with the same story that his mother was yelling at him and he pushed her out of the way. He does not want to return home and transfer ed out of High school to attend a local school assuming my husband would help or allow him to live with us. Due to his past history of problems with aggression including the fact that for the holidays he wanted a sidekick my husband purchased it for him. Later he gets into an argument with his uncle that turns physical when my husband is called to help his son curses him out and tells him to suck his ****. This statement infuriated my husband before the kid got out of my husbands car he threw the sidekick at my husband.

Time has passed and he is now asking for the sidekick my husband told him that he threw the phone out the window.  MY husband has allowed our son to use the phone with no promises. A few days ago my husbands son texts my son and asks him where did he get the sidekick from. My son being the wise *** that he is and the problems he's had with my husbands son that he just hung up the phone. The next day my car doors where keyed. I was so angry I really was. I began to think my husband has a bigger problem on his hands.

The more i look at the situation the child has been very confrontational with my husband and has made statements like " i can take you". He is always questioning my husband about why the relationship did not work out and that he would have done better if they were together. He comes over to my house and constantly speaks to my husband about his mom who by the way is married. I wish this situation will go away. Mostly I'm concerned because the boy has made threats against his mother and step father and it always includes his destroying their belongings or business. I hope this child is not thinking of this with his father. I want to run like hell...............

JReddz JReddz
36-40, F
Feb 23, 2009