I Am Trying To Pay Off My Debt!

I was debt free until I got one of those pre-approved credit card applications in the mail with my name on it when I 17 years old! What where they thinking! But you know all was good until I got hit by a car can't talk too much about that it's still and ongoing case but then I wasn't able to do the little things I did here and there for a few dollars but I had $40 comin and the first credit card payment was only $15 so all is good right WRONG I was getting paid under the table and when it came time for me to get my fair share all I got was 20 bucks and "I made a mistake before I was only supposed to pay you $20 not $40." So after I realized I wouldn't be able to keep up with the payments I was about to cut it up and figure out how I was going to pay off the $150 I had spent they send me a notice in the mail saying that they had made a mistake on my credit limt before and was raising it!! Now I have to admit I was pretty weak when I was younger and not to mention broke as a joke so it was a tuff battle I fought, and later lost, to keep from using that credit card again...huh why did I get myself into this mess. Anyway I now am working as hard as I can to get this bill+interest(think higher than $700) paid off and am reduced to selling my laptop which I am still in the process of) and trying to find a part time job in this economy. Man once I get this bill paid off I Never Wanna See Another Credit Card Again!

I can't believe I finally get a Clamshell ibook and now I have to sell it :(   


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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

i know EXACTLY what you mean. when i got my credit card i only had a $500 limit and i didnt think twice about using it. i'm 19 now but i was 18 when i got it and i wish i never used my card to begin with. its just awful!! i cant wait to get out of debt and pay off my credit cards!! its so stressful but i think ill be able to get out of it!! good luck!