It Gets Hard

Perseverance is something that was maybe literally burned in my DNA or something because I always try and try so hard that sometimes when I just stop to look at how hard I am trying I just cry and tell myself that,'Stop please, there is only so much that you can take, why must you push yourself above and beyond your limits like this?' the answer to that i can never find because believe me i swear to you I have tried but in vain, the only valid answer can be that it's just in me thats it.

Sometimes I just want some comfort or something or at least someone to tell me the same like how come I am going at it so hard even though any other normal person would have given up a long long time ago but -sigh- I don't really care because I actually feel better walking on broken glass you can say.

There were situations that I wanted to go in wearing a bullet proof vest, just so I could not feel the full force of some things, things that get to the heart hurt so bad sometimes but well, I WILL PERSEVERE. That's that.
Raloxier Raloxier
18-21, M
Jan 15, 2013