Truth or dare.. I pick dare ;)
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I dare you to send me nudes on snapchat! username abi_lash

I dare you to wet your pants and touch yourself, then tell us about the experience :)

I dare you to snapchat , youself flashing yourself in a public place.

Can I dare you

I dare you to send a sexy pic on you to me on snapchat

I dare you to not send any nudes to anyone ;)

All the time;)

I dare you to inbox me a nude of you ;)

if the nature is thus then go for reason first

Or hihihi

I dare you to go and sit on your parents lap with a terrified look and rub your hands on her face and whisper "Are you real? I can't find a grip on reality!"

dare you to message me a nude pic of you

Dare you to send me a pic of you on snapchat

I dare you to send me a pic of you face

i dare you to send pics of you jkjkjk im kidding

Okay, dare what?

Your suppose to dare me ;)

If I dare you, what am I supposed to do?

What? Erg...

I dare you to show your face. Lol

I have snapchat?

You win, I don't have snap chat.


I have wickr

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