You Will See It

Story of the young man, I had been with having sex with, was quite unusal for me.  He, was into *******, long before, I knew what it meant?  So given him the chance I let him do me first, I fell in love with the idea.  I have never in my life had a rim job, done that way.  I wanted to do him the next time, but was runnung late for supper, at my grandparents house.  An if, you were late, you didn't get to eat.  So, I had asked him if I, could do it another day, and he said no, due it now, or I am telling what you did to yourself last week(pooped pants), (remember).  So I, started to rim him, when all of a sudden,I **** my pants again, he goes, "why can you not hold your poop till we are finished.  I go, because you are always in a hurry, and you always want it now.  So, I continued to do the rim job, and he was excited.  I guess, I would be too, if Ihad someone giving me a rim job with poop in there pants.  So, this continued for about and hour. I missed supper, but I did have poop in my pants, and he aleast was pleased.

So, I asked him was he going to tell my other friends, what i had done, and he goes no, I was never going to tell.  I hated him, for missed, my supper time?  But, he did something for me instead, he had just pooped his pants as i was rinsing my mouth out, from water of a near by creek.  I was amazed by how much he had placed in his clothes.  I had asked him how it felt, and he goes it feels wonderful.  I tell him I do it all of the time.  But what gets me is?  he has only done it that one time.  He held my pants pooping over my head, just so I would suck him and rim him, till I graduated high school.  Six damn, long *** years.

By the way, I got my *** tore up for missing supper, and for pooping in my pants, my grandmother had just washed all of my clothes the day before, and it was out to the woodshed for me once again.  That woman, could bring tears to your eyes, not to mention, blisters to your butt, I was 15 years old, when this happened.  By the way, she threw my bluejeans away...

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O yes !!!! I love a rim job with **** in the pants - Nice a sloshy and mushy - Easy to chew on - Nice *****