I founded this group several weeks ago....and now i notice 73 people have joined .. And been posting your positives....
well done....
to each and every one of you...
keep positive..
mark 💝☕
expressomarkie expressomarkie
3 Responses Aug 29, 2014

Thanks for starting this group! I did seven days, and fell into the habit of falling asleep thinking about the positives in my day, plotting how I would write about them next day on EP.

Fabulous...just amazing.. So pleased this had a great effect ....
I love ❤ seeing the positives flowing through my timeline....

Its a really great group Mark .. I am noticing my home page is just full of positives .. :-)

It is awesome .... I love seeing them in my timeline....stunning xx

Thanks Mark, I have been enjoying the exercise.
I laughed when I realized I was posting all my stories in one post while most everyone else was posting each day's separately.

Gotta save that bandwidth, eh? Colour me a dinosaur.

Glad you enjoying doing it
.i was nominated to do it by a work colleague.... So maybe
..when you done your seven days
nominate someone else to do it.....

peace n love xx markie 💝☕