What a wonderful weather!!! :)
I feel the Universe is smiling at me! :)
I'm grateful to live in this wonderful city! :)

Yay for day 2!!! I love this group!! I guess that counts as the 4th positive! ;)
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Wonderful to read...
as the founder of this group, it makes me so happy to see all these positives on my timeline......
fabulous...keep em coming!!!!! M💝☕

Thank you for creating this group!! :) It certainly is a brilliant idea! I won't stop after day 7... Just saying! Lol. I'll just name it "Day 1" and will start all over again! ;)

Wow!!! ...
i was originally nominated to do it from a work colleague... And at the end of the seven days...haf to nominate another....
now i have at least, (at last count) ...74 people on ep posting every days positives....
fabulous to see it going round the world!!!!!

It sure is! :) I'm a strong believer... There is no doubt in my mind that positive thinking will change your life for the better and fast! :)

Well said, and so true.....

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I like you're positive attitude.

Thank you! :)