I Will Post All Of My Love Emails Here

26 Jan - Hey its A from facebook. The guy you blocked lol. I just want to say im sorry for everything that has happened! Honestly i didnt think i would miss you but for some reason i do. I feel really bad for being a complete dickhead! ........ truth is....i miss ya and it took you blocking me to realize it. and it made me realize how much of a dickhead i was! 31 Jan - i get along with guys better but you are really intelligent and i could see your intellect scaring or offending men! Thats what i like about you though. Your intelligent! I dont have to worry about talking about girly stuff with you. I also get to talk about things we both enjoy and learn from one another! 14 Feb - So that's cool that you got the book. Everyone learns differently. I prefer online material since my *** is broke lol but I'm glad you got the books. Now you can understand what I'm talking about and it will def give us more common ground. I'm glad we can share the same interests! =) 22 Feb - I'm sorry I've been busy I just found out some pretty cool ****!!! I'd like to share it with you! So gimme a call whenever you can! 8 Mar - I didn't say I thought you were dumb. I just didn't think you were this smart. The reason I was initially attracted towards you was because of your intellect. So I already knew you were intelligent. Its just you catch on quick and I underestimated you. Lol 10 Mar - Admitting I am wrong is one of the hardest things for me to do! So this is going to extremely hard for me! I was wrong to say that I am not going to follow rules you lay down for me. If I can make them for you, I can sure follow ones you have for me! You are making a great effort! I feel as though I must do the same! You have proved to be more than awesome! So if you have anything you would like me to not do or do, I'm all ears H! .... I'm glad it makes you happy! That's what I was aiming for! You deserve it! It def long over due. 19 Mar - I've been feeling lonely and empty too! Like something is missing! .... Ill unblock you if you want .... Ok I will unblock you now 6 Apr - I would be here for you but you have proved that you can't handle friendship. I don't wanna get rid of you cuz we relate on many levels but if i don't answer you get all crazy and go off the deep end then say I'm the reason for it all. 23 Apr - OK im not gonna be cursed at and trashed talked to. Sorry but i made a mistake trying to respond and befriend you once again. Good bye! 24 Apr - ill tell you what send a picture of your ******* and everything will be alright ;) ........ [sent ****] 1 May - Just got into an accident. My truck is totaled =( you should learn then. You love it! I've been working with assembly. I've been trying to figure out to access video memory and print a character the screen(not the terminal). I find information on it. Mostly masm, which is Microsoft specific. Don't you think it would be awesome to be able to figure that out then do? 10 May - [sent ****] [got ****] .... That's what I'm talking about! I've been waiting for that for a long time! Made my **** hard! They are perfect!! Not saggy at all! I wish I could hold them and see for myself! And feel free to send more lol .... You have a nice bottom! Cheese is awesome! My favorite is provolone! Pepperjack is in close second. then comes swiss. I also love older women as well as thick chicks! Well you already know that lol .... You have a nice little body on you too! Im surprised one of those blokes hasnt snatched you p yet lol If i lived there, I sure would have! .... I would love to get with you! We do have tons in common though! I will confess, you do get me! I think that's why I didn't completely let go before; because I knew that. .... But if you want to try coming over then go for it! Ill help you out! In more than one way ;) .... [got *****] .... I checked my phone just for the **** of it. I cant sleep. Lucky and so glad I did! That is such a sexy picture! It has me so damn horny right now! .... Send me more!!!! Let me see that ***! More of your ***** too! 22 May - I have wanted to do a project with you for the longest time and this is the chance to see what its like working with you. How good you actually are and all that good stuff.
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Send me a sexy email and let me be the judge lol

So I have more love email that i could add now. 25-May I will give you one last chance. You better not make me regret this! How've you been? 13-Jun Email away lol I just don't get much time between work, my bike, my girl. When I do get free time, I check my email for you or play my ps3. /end quote. Note the three week interval between initial contact and revelation of the existence of a girlfriend. Interesting.

so I'll see what happens. With Anthony, anything could happen and usually does. So here's to anything!

There was a fight between the"oh yeah send me more *****"and"I've wanted to do a project with you for the longest time". It was about alcohol. I can understand that alcohol wasn't a good influence in his childhood, since that and heroin meant neglect. My son has not been neglected due to alcohol. He's been neglected by the village (ie it takes a village to raise a child) but I've been able to afford both alcohol and toys, and often we'll go to the pub or sports bar and indulge in both. the pubs in the area of Sydney we're in really cater for both! But my boy is used to sitting at the table we sit at and playing the game I bring, and likes to play alone because of his autistic personality. Right now we've enjoyed beers (diluted lemon squash is his beer) and shared fish'n'chips & mezzo platter and he's chilling out on the iPod while I'm on my phone.

And that's where my post ended because mobile phone wouldn't scroll the text box. Anyway, it was a bad time, because A had just broken his arm, at the same time as big A had his car accident. I know that physically, it was little A who was affected by the broken arm, but logistically and socially, it was a huge affect on our little family, and I'm the one who organises the logistics and needs/organises the social life, so it was a hugely stressful time for me. And there's big A picking fights for me. He was right, my energy and drunkenness was too much for little A when he had a broken arm and also got sick. It was my birthday, to be fair, and we had the most exciting night out planned with his favourite live band. Well we're seeing that band again now in a couple of weeks and no illness or injury in sight. he's well loved and gets to do a lot of fun stuff he likes