Crazy French Man

RE: I is going to marry you...
Between Krapsparov and You

...when you least expect it...

be afraid, be very afraid...

the masked Teletubby strikes again!

Why is a marriage proposal considered hate mail? Cause that French man wants me to dress up as a teletubby on our wedding night. D: I dont have a teletubby fetish!!!!

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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4 Responses Jul 4, 2012

Which Teletubbie? Have you hired a videographer? I have an iPhone!

pervs. all of you!

seriously though... is it true that there's a Teletubbie that wears no panties on the weekends?




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I think the Russians need to stick with making great vodka.

Well this is freaking crazy.....WTF?! LOL

those silly French peoples

I never said that's what I want (although if you do I certainly wouldn't mind)! :P

LMAO creeper!

if Dipsy can help me, I is going to tame you, crazy woman! just like in Dipsy's play, 'the taming of the Tubbytoast'!

you are scary

I know... I love you too... :)

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