Chumbachamba Dingbat

chumbachumba Aug 10, 2012 8:31 AM

yes you are annoying an idiot an attention seeking foul mouthed scumbag r u a nigga?
EdiezLush - 26-30 years old - female
EdiezLush Aug 10, 2012 8:33 AM

annoying yes. Attention seeking- not so much. idiot? only sometimes. Foul mouthed- most definitely.
define nigga

and you my dear, arent you being an attention- wh0re by randomly pm'ng me to list my wonderful qualities? creeper

Gotta love hate mail from people you've never even spoken to.
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
31-35, F
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Remember Edie..any mail is fan mail *thumbs up and marketing wink*

thank you. You are now my Agent.


chumba...........i think u bit off more that u can chew when u did that **** dont u know ediez is a beast on here and not to **** her off i feel sorry for u

I can't believe people actually write stuff like definitely attract the most entertaining people on EP. Still great response

*shakes head* i think either i need an ep vacation or i should start over again. Either way, Chumba is getting an eye full. Check her WB *sweet smile*

LMAO you and that lady Kitty did a number on her WB, I'm still laughing. Point to Ediez, you win that round. ANd all future rounds, no way she? he has the intelligence to match you. That must be why she ran away...idiot

*sigh* im so disappointed. She wont even argue back lol

lol it's definitely a one sided fight, She obviously expected you to cower at the *n word* and run away... she's definitely a weirdo, especially her pics...

"her" pics of are unsuspecting women. wtf? is this another thing we have to watch out for? creepers taking pics of us while we shop?

there's no such thing as privacy in this world anymore... it sucks...

ugggh..... good thing im not shy but, jeebus!

it's quite unfortunate, but even with google earth and other satellite programs, pics like that aren't new, it's just most people realize that you shouldn't be taking pics like that...guess chumba missed the memo...

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haha she her pics remind of someone i know on here bb1987

Actually I do like hate mail. I just don't get enough of it.

i love hate mail. but i hate when they just log off right after my response. So, on to spamming her stories

I didn't even know you had this group. I'm gonna like this group. I had some good ones for it, but they left EP and all their emails got wiped out. I hate that.

i love this group.

It's very entertaining. *gets popcorn*

he/she has logged out. and didnt really offer a good fight. oh well, tomorrow is another day. im persistent

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I'd take it all as a compliment...

i just might do that

I think only epic people get PM's like this....

she has logged out and not responded to me. Im losing my epicness

Whoa..thats odd..racist!

exactly. now, i can go ahead and take the rest of the insults but, wtf?

I dunno..I guess she don't like you lol...she shouldnt be saying racist stuff...maybe she wants you to train her to be a troll bwahaha!

she's already doing a fine job. Her pics arent of the same chick.

ill check i scolded her on her wb

awww no need to scold "her".

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I wish I could get some like that....... :)

we all love you tho!

Peza I'll send you some (wink)

fanx..... ;)