And That Word Is....


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13 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Well, I'm not... these two were inspired by a story posted by my Queen, Pixie....

Are you taking a whole group of art and writing stories about them? This one is good but not as funny as the woman using the urinal. I had to share that one with several people.

Heh heh .... yeah...

Sara! You following me with your camera again? Wish I had known... I woulda styled my hair better...

What happend to the good old days when urinals were actually men kneeling with their mouths open?

I like the girl with the camera!

hehehe!!!!!!!! :-)

I know... as soon as I read your comment I went and looked for it.

LOL!!!! That is the one I was thinking about...

I just HAD to put this up after seeing Pixie's picture!!!!

I'd be uncomfortable using those urinals. It would be nice to stare at a landscape though or maybe the ocean while taking a leak.

I hope thats all he's doing there!