I Give Up.....

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Thanks Angels....<br />
yes raising kids ALWAYS brings frustration and disappointments along with a vast array of other emotions and feelings.<br />
Thanks for reading and commenting!! :)<br />

This word does come up often when dealing with our darling children. It doesn't matter how old either. Life lessons I suppose. No one is certainly perfect. We take a lot of falls and bumps to find the right path. It is called growing up to be fine outstanding adults. It is all worth it in the long run. Love, Support and Patience are the key words here. HUGS are unlimited either. *SMILE*

I don't believe in giving up ether. But I do feel like taking a break if that makes sense.

I did.. I stand corrected! :) <br />
I just saw it.. LoL<br />
Well... then I will refer back to my point of I may be down at times and and feel like giving up... but I never give up. <br />
better? :)

You wrote it in the I give up group. :)

YO Denverdude... I didn't say I give up.... I said I was disappointed. I may have down times and feel like giving up... and maybe I will be down for a day or two.. but I never give up.<br />
You shouldn't either

I give up too.

Thanks Artsy... Things are better... life is a roller coaster at times and I guess we need to hang on and try to ride out those challenges and know that through time.. all things pass and new horizons will follow.. new beginnings... new outcomes... new chances to make positive changes!! <br />


my expectation right now, which my current fr<x>ame of mind is, "failure"