I can't connect if I can't relate to you...
Sometimes people make it really hard for you to relate to and infer that you're the one with the problem...Errr's not me, i just don't have the same weird ideas or fantasies or stuff that you do...if you call me a snob yeah i'll take that if it means you leaving me alone
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2010

Avibot: i'm speaking generally.<br />
<br />
Phantnhapi: I like your analogy about things shifting into place, thankyou for your comment

Yea i get that connection stuff :) I like it when your personalities click :) Can't you just hear things shifting into place? lol :)

i think so too.. . it's not you .. . :} <br />
<br />
wait,.. . who are you having a go at?. ..