Kindness! Yep. That's my word.

Someone asked recently, what makes you really happy. Well, there are many things that make me happy, but when i really thought through them all, the one that makes me the happiest, is kindness. Seeing people being kind to others, people being kind to me, and being kind to other people myself. It makes the world a better place. A more tolerable place. And we could all do with the kind of support and understanding that kindness provides.

wolvescry2 wolvescry2
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3 Responses Oct 18, 2011

When kindness is combined with spontaneity and sincerity then it is the most wonderful thing in the world.

It is, absolutely. Thank you Mach! :-)

Contagious kindness!! <br />
Thank you so much for sharing your story Wolvescry2. I adore everything that Kindness stands for: a caring and genuine concern for the well being of others. Being kind also does something for ones soul. Being kind is has an affect that is very powerful and rewarding. I too wish more people made a better effort to perform random acts of kindness. In the world we live in today, it really is small things that can make a big difference.

That was beautiful Niftysox!! (your name is sooo cute). And your right...kindness is a wonderfully contagious act. Thank you for commenting :-)

Absolutely Concretecowboy. As long as we do our best to be good people, yes, we all deserve kindness and respect. :-)