Drum Roll, Crescendo Of Excitement, The Whole World Comes Together........


Now EP is telling me to make my story longer. Brevity foiled :(
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But you love to talk....

me....? me....? cheeky MDL

Have fun with it.

korean olympic team in our local pool today. seriously! how cool :)

I'm impressed. I'll be intrigued if you tell me that it was the North Korean team.

:D I just keep grinning at everyone... my welcoming Northern soul shines through.... normally you get arrested in London for doing that!

Having a Northern soul is an offence in the South?

You need to hide it. The Tube is a funny place. Its a lack of personal space thing.... took some getting used to

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I know...what a buzz kill for a one word story...<br />
<br />
<br />

i was all excited too...... damn it all. this is the end....