Drum Roll, Crescendo Of Excitement, The Whole World Comes Together........


Now EP is telling me to make my story longer. Brevity foiled :(
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"I would have written you a shorter letter, but I didn't have time." (Alternatively attributed to Abraham Lincoln, Pearl Buck, Blaise Paschal, Mark Twain, and Benjamin Disraeli, pretty good company!)

I like your posting. The fact that EP's engineers or architects prefer 10,000 words loosely joined and poorly constructed says something about them, not you.

"Five rings," I say to you.

I posted one word and was told my story was not long enough as well.

C'mon Aussies

But you love to talk....

me....? me....? cheeky MDL

Have fun with it.

korean olympic team in our local pool today. seriously! how cool :)

I'm impressed. I'll be intrigued if you tell me that it was the North Korean team.

:D I just keep grinning at everyone... my welcoming Northern soul shines through.... normally you get arrested in London for doing that!

Having a Northern soul is an offence in the South?

You need to hide it. The Tube is a funny place. Its a lack of personal space thing.... took some getting used to

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What does it mean to you as a Brit hosting the world's best athletic competition for three weeks? I'm looking forward to the competition from the swimming, the track & field, the gymnastics and the women's basketball.

Excitement, pride, fear, bettering myself, stress, weather, transport, welcoming, joy, tears, DID I SAY PRIDE!!!!

Yup Pride! Perfect.

I know...what a buzz kill for a one word story...


i was all excited too...... damn it all. this is the end....