The armor protects your heart and soul, encompassing you within an exoskeleton, your coldness breathes through your orifices like a monstrous blizzard, freezing all within your path of subzero obligation. You safeguard yourself and yet you allow one to explore and touch you where no one else can, emotionally and spiritually, the trust is there and you feel safe as do the catalyst of hope and radiance to purge your barriers and break down your walls of fortuitous defiance. Allow the catalyst to be your key to freeing your true power and revelation to euphoria, allow it to embrace you and whisk you to a better place to be free once more, to discard the armor, abandon it within your land of desolation, you are not alone, you are with the one who comprehends your pain and sorrow, do not be afraid, do not resist, just let be the genuine machine within the humanity.

Lushiro Lushiro 18-21, M 7 Responses Nov 24, 2012

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I love the iron giant the story is one of innocence and the power of it

Yes indeed, an epic symbolic of friendship. :)

I like this armour. Mine seems to only work both ways and doesnt have this one way feature =)

It is a friend of mine's prophecy own way of knowing how to help him, either way this armor is now removed and he has been healed by my light, we are forever one with humanity as beings of divine.

Another feather in your cap my dear buddy =) congrats


Lol one word.

I absolutely love this Lush...*whispers* but isn't the point of this group that you only post one word? ;p

XD I cheated to the max. Btw if you put two and two confession and all you'll be able to see who this is about.

I knew who it was about when I read the confession :)

lmao really? who? msg me in a gift :P

hahahaha should'a just said if you wanted a gift ;)

early presents babey ;D

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I love this. No better words from no closer friend. A true testament to the love of a brother.


I love this!



I loved this! very beautifully expressed! <3