God is your shadow, he follows you all your life, but you never pay him any attention until you are in a desperate turn, that is when you notice the shadow, who was with you all along, even when you are alone. That is when you begin to truly believe that he is real and not just a mere shade in the fabric of existence.
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you are soo right.............. thanks for posting!

Of course :)

I believe we are all guilty of this


You got it baby. You got it.


Yes, it is sad we remember god only when we need him. May be it is human. It is nice to equate god to your shadow, but i have a small confusion, you have your shadow only when there is light. In your darkest hour there is no shadow.K, may god bless all of us.

In taoism light and darkness are balancing and supportive so they are allowed to coexist in the same environment.

:) , even i said that for the sake of sharing only. I appreciate your interests in eastern thoughts. Even there is nothing like dark scientifically also, only the absence of light.

May I interject a scientific fact? Dark is technically always there, like,a bringing light just metaphorically put a blanket over the is still there but you cannot see it, the light gets in the way. So..the shadow..kinda always there. ;)

:) , yes good point. thanks for sharing

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I wish everybody could understand this..........

Lol ikr

Sometimes you need too walk by yourself

Before you see there was someone else beside you all along too.. lol