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I don't know of the discussion down there but of the picture up here... Criminals don't follow laws. Criminals can acquire illegal things illegally. Ex. Drugs. In fact, it would drive them MORE to get them. Member, the mass shooters are evil geniuses. They'll find a way. While the regular civilian? Will have no protection, no defense against them. People kill people. I think we all deserve the right our founding fathers gave us to protect ourself in case of a break-in or murder. I, ME, WE, have that right to purchase a gun. As well as, as much as I hate it, hunt animals. Collect guns, just as others collect watches, heirlooms, carpets, etc... Even bullets! It is the second amendment, in te Bill Of Rights. Henceforth, it cannot be touched. And I'll be damned no one is going to take me right of bearing arms in my, for now, FREE country!

Reasons for people to stop using guns to kill people! Bombs are cheaper to make Bombs are better for groups with Bombs you don't have to be near by Bombs aren't covered by gun laws with Bombs I person can be a whole terrorist group with a cool name! People please don't use guns to kill people! It gives them a bad name!!!

I was listening to bbc American the reporter said that Violent crime was on the rise and was alot higher than the USA Average per 100,000 people!

I happen to believe in the same Religion as Tom Cruise & John Travolta! So you don't believe in a higher power uh Richard? Good for you really! I am happy for you really! I am also glad you DON'T own a gun! When a gunman breaks into your house you won't yell oh god!!!!!! So I could beat on that and when money! By the way you should put up a sign in front of your house the opposite of mine!It could read something like this! No guns allowed in is house! Owner of home is against people owning guns and will yell at you loudly if you try to get in this house! P.S. God not allowed either! Go ahead and put up that sign!! I promise you will meet your maker in no time!

What advice would you have for me? I don't believe in any higher power, but my husband owns guns.I cannot access any guns and have no intention to do so. When i am home alone with my kids , i have no fear that i need to have a gun to protect myself ,or my kids, or property.

I personally do not have enough guns in my collection yet! I will say this much! Everybody in the community where I live own guns and have for years ! We have signs up warning visitors that everyone is armed! We never had a break in, no stealing, no shootings ,etc!!! Why criminals go to a community a bit away from Our Community! About 20 years ago they got the last gun shop to close! They were so happy for about two years ! Then Outsiders found out that the community was gun free! Noting but crime since then! As far as my stand on religion! I believe what I believe! You believe what you believe! We respect each others beliefs! I just wish that people would understand that terrorist groups who identify with a religion will not make everyone from that religion a terrorist!!!! Also that me owning guns will not make me a criminal!!! It only stops my family from being victims! Had a friend in college that lost his family while he was in college! He couldn't afford to go home for the holidays but the unarmed family members who called the police to report the crime where all dead by the time police arrived! All valuables were gone five minutes total time!!! That is. When I got my pistol permit! Signed me NOT A VICTIM!!!!!! P.S. Gun Control is being able to hit your target when your Family is in danger!!!!!

We need Armed guards in schools & public places! Our president, Senators,Representatives,former presidents families, famous people, etc., have body guards why not our schools? While I am at it! They took the Bible out of schools , Public builds, Etc. ! But they push religion in prison! If you see the light find god become at peace with yourself and want forgiveness from others! When you come up for parole they let you out! If you don't they keep you in prison until you find god!!!!! Bring back religion to the schools & public places! Let's get closer to god! Swear on the Bible in court! If your feelings are hurt for having god around so what this Country was found by believers ! Why are my rights to Religious Freedom? The Freedom to Pray at school! To pledge my allegiance to the Flag and Nation! One Nation Under God!


If you say that you want religious freedom then surely you must support the equally important freedom for the Atheist not to indoctrinate their vulnerable children with any religion. Would you be in favour of teaching Atheism, Christianity, Islam, Paganism, Jainism, Zoroastrian and many more or would you only be in favour of teaching your own individual religion? Would it not be fairer to touch on all the major religions and then let each child make up its own mind regarding whether they wanted to accept a faith or not.

It is not surprising to me that you live in such a violent country when so many of your people worship such a violent God.


It's the Atheists that are the less vocal about any of this. We are the most tolerant of all religions. We have to smile and keep our mouth shut ,while listening to all religions preach to us about where we are going when we die, and how we should be living our lives.
I do not need to swear on any bible and i do not have to believe in ANY GOD to be a good human being.
People don't commit terrible crimes just because they had no FEAR of god.


I totally agree with your sentiments. We, as Atheists, do not need to decipher any abtruse Biblical mumbo jumbo to tell us what is right or wrong. We can judge for ourselves from our own conscience. How can we ever support a God who purports to have drowned millions of men, women, children and animals in the flood? How can we believe or have any faith in a Bible that tells us that the world was created only 6,000 years ago.

The teachings of the Bible are directed at simple people with accordingly simple, illogical and childlike minds. What fascinates me is how any sane and rational person can actually believe in these fairy tales.

I find it truly amazing that 53% of the voting population of America would not vote for a Presidential candidate who admitted that he was an Atheist!


I'm with you Richard....
Think we need to take our debate somewhere else though.
I follow no religion what so ever, but i don't want to offend anyone here that does.
I don't believe that any religion will fix the gun crime situation .
Religion is the reason behind so many problems as it is.
It divides us , doesn't unite us.And makes those who don't believe seem like the crazy ones?

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Analysis: Fewer U.S. gun owners own more guns
A decreasing number of American gun owners own two-thirds of the nation’s guns and as many as one-third of the guns on the planet — even though they account for less than 1% of the world’s population, according to a CNN analysis of gun ownership data.
The data, collected by the Injury Prevention Journal, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the General Social Survey and population figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, found that the number of U.S. households with guns has declined, but current gun owners are gathering more guns.

This is such a staggering fact that I will repeat it

Americans account for less than 1% of the world's population but they own 33% of the guns on the planet!


handguns dont kill people....they dont hunt people down they dont break into our homes they dont shoot people over bad dope deals they dont shoot people because they are confused and need someone to talk to they dont shoot people because they feel neglected or abused they dont shoot people due to infidelity or lies ......POEPLE SHOOT PEOPLE BEACUSE OF ALL THESE THINGS AND MORE !!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE raise your kids right teach them to respect themselves and others show them family matters and is full of love show them every second every moment of every day that they matter to you then and only then will we have a better nation and less shootings !!!!!

Well said you are very correct!

thank you i appreciate the support !!

people kill people, stop selling guns with out background checks

This I agree with, to sell guns, but with a firmer background check.

No thanks, I'll keep handguns and all the others.

Than lets go after real. Killers Alcohol kills more tobacco kills more motor vehicles kill more how many gun deaths are drug related but it's the guns fault right gang violence power. By drugs and. Alcohol but guns take the heat right! If this country goes gun free outlaw's will show you. Real killing! How will you defend your. Loved ones! Machine pistol's are about the same size of. Package!!!! But hey. They out lawed drugs years ago oh yea they smuggled it in!!!!

Japan has had a gun ban for years! NATO is trying to ban guns world wide! Read a. Little or join the NRA! Be informed!

Interesting that you should mention Japan. According to Wikipedia, gun deaths for one year in Japan were 0.07 per 100000 population. The same article lists the USA at 9.2 per 100000. The only countries with a higher gun death rate than USA were Central American and African countries.

Good post walabby!

Apparently the average American would rather live in a country where they have 131 times more risk of being killed by a gun than to relinquish their right to carry arms. This blatant disregard for their own life and the lives of others is difficult to rationalise or comprehend.


Not good for a long term. Gun ban!!!

Take a way the guns, Knives, &all the other weapons! Do you. Feel safe now no weapons!!! Oops! You forgot what happened in Oklahoma city already you forgot the fertilizer! Hundreds die! You take guns from the wrong people! Drug dealers will be bringing guns too!Question for any non gun owner! How long does it the police to get to your house? 2 minutes your all dead!!! Happened to a friend of mine his family!

Ummm...... Good point but I don't think they have forgotten the fertilizer. Not in Australia anyway. It's almost impossible to buy Ammonium Nitrate here now and I suspect it's similar in the US. We do currently have a growing problem of gun smuggling by criminals, though.

Because those other Countries are not as free as we are! Those countries outlawed guns COMPLETELY yet people who do not have guns legally are getting shot!!!!! Those same countries send criminals from other Countries back to their original Country! We send them to our prisons to train to be better criminals! Why is it that bunch of the people who cry about gun laws have armed guards!!!! But helpless children and teachers can get one armed person at all! Please Remember an unarmed person is a victim! An armed person is a hero!!!

Nonsense! Which other countries "ban guns completely"? This is not true. You cannot make up facts to back up your position - that is truly ridiculous!!

Unfortunately, Freedom at it's worst.


Do you ever feel any compassion or empathy for the deer you shoot. Do you ever suffer any remorse or guilt or anguish when you take the life of a sentient creature.

Having killed, wounded or maimed deer and maybe caused pain to other animals would you find it easier to shoot a human being if they were, for example, stealing your car or iphone.

Please forgive me if I offend but I just wanted to catch a glimpse of your mindset.

@ Richard
I pump those fecking deer full of so much lead they don't know what hit them. I'm talking about deer, of course. Don't fret sweetie pie, the deer don't suffer long. If I'm shooting straight, that is. But then sometimes I'm not shooting straight. In which case the deer bleed to death slowly and probably in agony. And then I gut the deer corpse. Which, in case you don't know, involves cutting open the deer abdomen with a (preferably) sharp buck knife and pulling out its intestines, lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, and spleen with my bare hands -- leaving the gut pile in the farmer's field to be eaten by buzzards and vermin. If I do it right, all the guts pop out together as a single unit with a satisfying sheewwwwpop sound. Say it with me. Sheeeewwwwpop. It's the sound of deer organs poping free from the outer body cavity. Nice sound, don't you agree? If I do it wrong, then I've got a really gooey squishy mess to deal with. Dealing with that sounds like squish squish squish. Say it with me: Squish, squish, squish. Yucky. Once all that crap is done, I go back to my truck and eat my lunch (venison -- i.e. deer meat from other deer I've killed in cold blood). And then I go home and sit by the fireplace and send Christmas cards to my friends. Chew on that with your breakfast. But, of course, that's what you were looking for anyway. Enjoy, and ponder the fact that hell will freeze over before you change any of the above. Yummy!

You are one SICK puppy! I hope more than anything that you don't have any chldren.

You mean one SICK puppy with a belly full of deer meet. Burp. I've got 4 boys and 2 girls. They've all got their first deer-kill deer heads mounted above their beds. The girls shoot better than the boys. They kill deer with one shot. The boys just blaze away all morning long, wasting ammo. We're a big family. And we believe strongly in teaching our deer hunting children the importance of having big families. Do the numbers. When each of my 6 deer hunting kids has at least 6 kids who in turn learn to dear hunt like their grand-mommy and grand-pappy, that will yield me 36 deer hunting grandkids in about 20 years. Can you imagine how much venison we'll be able to stockpile? The deer on my farm don't stand a chance.

You rock girl! Nothing better than a slab of deer on the table and tell the kids I said good hunting.

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LMFAO....Does the O-man really work for Smith and Wesson?<br />
<br />
Gun sales surge across the nation post Connecticut. Most popular: AR-15s. National system for background checks overwhelmed by tidal wave of demand over the weekend.<br />
<br />

I know, when guns are more important then babies... we are so F-ed up as a excuse for this S***!

i had a family member a child who was supposed to be my uncle die from a hand gun in the excuses. i love firing guns dont get me wrong.Its wrong that little babies are dying for us to get a clue.

If we compare the firearm related death rate per 100,000 population in one year for 75 different countries it may help us to evaluate the true powerful facts regarding the gun control debate.

There are 11 countries with a greater firearm related death rate than America and 63 countries with a lesser firearm related death rate than America. You are nearly six times more likely to die from gun shot wounds in America than if you live in the rest of the world.

The United States has a firearm related death rate of 9.00 people per 100,000 population in one year. This is nine times higher than Australia at 1.05 and a massive 36 times higher than the U.K. at 0.25

I know that it will take many years to rid the USA of its gun culture but how can any reasonable minded human being deny our children the possibility of inhabiting a safe and peaceful environment where they can live without fear. It is OUR choice and OUR responsibility. We owe it to our children.


My children don't live in fear and they know how to handle a firearm.
The difference is , they cannot access the guns ( gun safe laws ) and we cannot own semi autos etc, so they don't have to fear being shot while at school or at the movies.

Change what ? works.
If the psychos don't have access.........we don't need access............

The USA is a free, democratic country that will enact such laws as it sees fit. As far as the gun debate goes it may not be useful to compare other countries experiences with the US but for what it's worth, Australia enacted strict gun control in 1997 after a massacre. I, myself was not very happy with this but I can't complain about the statistics since. Gun deaths/year have halved since then while death by sharp instrument, ie knives etc, have remained static. Make of this what you will....

You want to watch something hilarious? Watch the price of these puppies climb over the next few days. Dealers have been stockpiling for this ever since The O-man was elected in 2008. They're going to make a fortune.

Get some.....Get some....Get some

Hollywood and now reality. Watch you weak babies. Your tax dollars.

Extreme viewpoints will never ever allow anyone or any country to reach a reasonable compromise. Gun control does NOT mean "no guns". Gun control does not mean "no gun related violence". Gun control DOES mean a more responsible way of using guns within a society.

Those who take extreme positions are the very people I personally fear most. These are the people who think there is an assassin in every car park, a murderer in every back yard, a killer in their lounge room . . . And these are the very people who demonstrate most clearly IMO why it is DANGEROUS to let every one carry a gun.

One point that seems to be missing from this debate is "gun culture". In a society with strict gun laws, people do NOT think "gun" when faced with violence or when faced with a serious threat. Of course, there are times when it would be true that having a gun on hand WOULD have been helpful. But the number of these occassions pales into insignificance when compared with the number of times guns are used inappropriately . . . .

In a NON gun culture, no-one walks around in fear of being attacked - which seems to be a primary reason for some gun lovers to think gun carrying is essential. We expect to live in peace - and to a large extent we do. We have no need of guns to ensure our safety at the super market, at the sports oval or in our own homes!!!

In Australia, those who can demonstrate a genuine need for guns are licenced to own them. Strict laws are applied to how they are kept and managed. Genuine gun carrying persons have NO problem with adhering to these requirements because they know they are in place for good reasons. Those who "can't be bothered" are like drunk drivers - no sense of responsibility to society as a whole. Fortunately there numbers are few in the whole scheme of things.

In this debate, please encourage reasonable and realistic attitudes that reflect the genuine situation. We all have our own opinions and are unlikely to change these - but we CAN influence reasonable decision making if we avoid talking in absolutes.

I want to get behind this. I do. But I think for all our squabbling over the issue, we're not accomplishing anything. I thought for a second that you were thinking too "big picture," but then when I see someone eek out the tiny details, I think they're going to "small picture." It's a disheartening topic.

The non-gun culture argument falls short in America, as we're a gun culture and we're probably going to be one for a long time, if not forever. I don't think you can change that. Evil exists in people here. There are almost 100 episodes of Gangland that chronicle dozens of violent gangs, motivated by money, who'll kill anyone without a second thought. And those are just the gangs chronicled by one tv show. There are murders every day in major cities, too many to solve them all.

Maybe I'm pointing out the evil to make my case, but it is real and it's spreading constantly. I honestly believe we should all be able to defend ourselves, and a black belt isn't gonna cut it. Because everyone needs to defend themselves - they just don't know when, therefore they can't prove the need. I've experienced violence in small towns and large. I've fortunately never needed to shoot anyone, though I've answered my door with gun in hand on one occasion, which defused the situation. Really glad I had it, because even a sharpened blade wouldn't have brought the tempers down in that one.

I'm just saying... how do you prove "need" when in my country, it's always getting worse, and those 'good' communities are steadily being invaded by darker elements?

I agree about keeping the debate reasonable. Hasn't been going so well on either side.

Thank you for your reasoned and thoughtful response. I realise it s a VERY difficult topic and one where concensus is unlikely. But I do believe rationaland reasonable discussion is more likely to result (eventually!) in a positive outcome. Fighting our entrenched positions gets no-one (and certainly not the USA) any further forward.

Does anyone have a good recipe for Apricot Streudel?

The stark reality of this latest massacre is that 20 children would still be alive if America had resolved its love affair with guns years ago. More massacres WILL happen until this gun culture acceptance is finally resolved. <br />
<br />
It is clearly only a matter of time before Americas more humane and civilised sector force its shooting and hunting fraternity to relinquish their violent past and step into a more moral and caring environment. <br />
<br />

Hitler didn't want his people to have weapons either. You and Hitler could have tea and discuss your mutual affirmation.

You just equated gun ownership with immorality, violence, and uncaring attitudes. *sigh*....

When someone comes gunning for you - and it will still happen even if gun control laws go apeshit and disarm "everyone" - just remember that you wanted it. You wanted to be gunned down. Because in essence, you didn't want anyone to be armed to save your sorry ***.

Nonsense! As the rest of the world says "Only in America . . !"
Many countries including the United Kingdom and Australia live with serious and sensible gun laws that allow the use of guns in required circumstances but not as a "right" for every citizen.

Neither of these countries has the appalling record of gun violence that the USA has. You can never eliminate gun violence but you CAN reduce it.

The USA is fourth highest on the list of countries suffering from gun related deaths. That should be enough to make all those who support the current laws think twice. AND . . . gun control does NOT mean NO-ONE can carry a gun! It means "control" - only those who can seriously prove they need one can carry a gun.

My want for a gun can be a need for one at any moment. Those teachers had no 'need' for a gun until they needed one. Enna30, by your words of "only those who can seriously prove they need one can carry a gun," I don't think I could 'prove' that I need one, and I don't think a lot of people who need one could prove it. How would that work? Could I just show them my address on a bill and get approved for a gun because I live in a scary neighborhood? That still leaves Sandy Hook off the list. How would it work?

I think the answer lies in changing the culture. And I do realise what a HUGE task this is - not something that can be easily accomplished. But allowing small steps to start with is a good plan IMO. That will have BOTH sides protesting BTW! The gun supporters saying "too much control" and the anti-gun people saying "not enough control"!! But it would be a START in the right direction IMO.

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Perhaps you should ban Schools and Children and just let the NRA carry on?

This comment doesn't seem to make much sense regardless of what side of the argument you fall on. Please rephrase sensibly.

It is called "irony" . . . !

I don't understand this irony. The NRA and Schools can't co-exist, you're saying?

Well no one has the Common sense to stop people owing bloody assault rifles. Maybe they want you to ban Kids and Schools instead.

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Reality check #1: Americans have become paranoid and fearful of their own government. <br />
<br />
Reality check #2: the extreme left (full government control) and the extreme right (no longer sure what the extreme right stand for) have it all wrong and are ensuring that no solution is developed. <br />
<br />
This morning, I met a man who was hit by a car last week. The person who hit him drove away. He was fortunate that someone else found him. <br />
<br />
We need to stop having rhetorical questions about what the government can do. References to the wild west are just as silly as references to Mexico and cars as lethal weapons. <br />
<br />
This poor community has been invaded by the media and in two weeks, no one will give a ****. Why? Because all we do is talk. If you want change, go change things. <br />
<br />
If you prefer the government of other countries, then move! But if you love where you live, don't only talk about how to help change the government, but work within your own communities to fix what you can. I do it. So can you.

I start with my kids. I'm strict and I insists that they work hard for everything. They've earned scholarships and they are leaders among their peers.

They both do volunteer work.

I donate to charity. I am supportive of my friends and colleagues. I counsel people on how to find opportunity when there are challenges.

Now that I'm done with school, I'll be making more time for volunteer work myself.

Why? What do you do?

Just keep doing that then. More of us should.

Here's the difference though. Knives rarely kill someone by accident. Cars have become increasingly safe so that fatalities are being reduced.

A gun, particularly a semi-automatic rifle, is an accident waiting to happen. Using hundreds of years of tradition is a terrible argument for keeping them in the community.

I really don't have a problem with handguns as personal firearms for self-protection. But I have a problem with semi-automatic rifles.

Gun ownership in the US has become a bit religious and it seems trivial to me.

The right to bear arms has been twisted in much the same was as the right to free speech.

We all agree that the right to free speech does not extend indefinitely to include the right to yell "fire" in a movie theatre.

How can we justify military style weapons being owned by civilians? The fact that these are "civilian versions" doesn't really make them significantly less inherently dangerous.

I'm not trying to attack the gun lobby. I just don't understand it. I don't get it. At all.

Well said

More talk.

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The quality of this debate is pathetic. Repeated references to cars, morals are plain ludicrous. What is going on with you people. This is civil society you are talking about not the wild west Your constitution is a legal document that is open to being changed not a holy text. Open you eyes see how the rest of the worlds civil societies operate and deal with these problems.
Using mexico and Israel as yard sticks for good standards on gun control is probably not a good idea.
Do you really want and armed society where everyone carries or has access to a lethal weapon. Arguments about the availability of non lethal weapons are puerile for anyone who has seen the results of a gunshot wound. What works is most civilised countries is the banning of all firearms, except on special license, having heavy penalties for those caught with them, having regular firearms amnesties; it will take some time but eventually you will get most out of the system and a lot less people will die.
Do you want to live in a peaceful civil society or the wild west.

wild totally set yourself up for that.
Brevity, mate. Delete the other bits and keep the last sentence.

On brevity Becky, you are right
On the Wild west Mark; if you choose chaos your children pay the price for your choices &amp; I presume the US constitution can be amended by referendum.

Mark, don't be ignorant. The constitution has been amended 27 times. That is yet another bogus argument.

What works is most civilised countries is the banning of all firearms, except on special license, having heavy penalties for those caught with them, having regular firearms amnesties; it will take some time but eventually you will get most out of the system and a lot less people will die.

Amending the constitution is purposely difficult and complicated. The founding fathers did not intend it to be a "living document" that could be changed by political whim or by the wind of public opinion and emotion. They were brilliant men and there is nothing antiquated or archaic about our constitution as it stands. An proposed amendment must pass the house and senate by a 2/3 majority or be proposed through a constitutional convention (none of the 27 amendments were through convention). If it passes (and the President has no (0) constitutional power in this case and therefore no authority) it then goes to the individual states where it must pass through the legislatures of 3/4 of the states before it will become part of the constitution.

A true eye of the needle.

First and only reasonable Comment on here

The Constitution was written in the 1700,s Perhaps it could do with one or two teensy weeny tweeks to bring it into the 21st Century. It is not a Bloody religious Document

Also forgot to mention "The Founding fathers" have all been dead for Hundreds of years. One or two changes since then have occured.

Yes we in England had some old Outdated Laws as well. We have just stopped allowing people in the City of Chester the right to Fire arrows at Welsh people. Stupid, Yes but we changed it. Time for you to change your outdated Stuff as well. it is 2012 in case you missed it. Not 1700

Would you feel better if instead of shooting a gun, he threw a bomb, or maybe poisoned food in the lunch room? If some one is set on killing people they will find a way. Maybe we need to start out by learning how to detect troubled people, and help them solve their problems.

I'd rather have an armed society than a defenseless one. 26 people were defenseless on Friday and look where it got them.

Peace is only in Heaven !

Do you favor Drugs and illegals in this nation, then Move to MEXICO yourself.

USA saw a better time than now, it's now being controlled by the inmates who have escaped. Glad I saw a better USA than Yours, wish people like You really had an open mind, a back bone but also could live in Mexico instead of USA for our own good. Merry Christmas !

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I just want to make sure this is clear. People use guns to kill people. Guns are tools of killing.

Nobody was under the impression that the guns hop out of their drawer and kill people under their own initiative.
To spell it out, guns are lethally effective tools for killing. It takes a lot more will and motivation to kill someone with a knife or a bludgeon; it it considerable less effective and many times more likely to wound than to kill.
I just wanted to make that clear.

you muddied the waters

The deadliest school massacre in US history was in 1927. No guns were involved. Deranged and evil will always find a way and sheep are always slaughtered easier than bulls.

No he used a Bomb. Your Point? Please don't tell me explosives are Legal in the US as well?

Making excuses. Simply take another look at the chart/sign that starts off this story and illustrates simply that guns in America kill and kill far more than any other civilized nation.

Kathryn, the chart is flawed. "guns in America kill and kill far more than any other civilized nation." ...on THAT CHART. There are civilized nations left off the list that have a higher gun-death rate. For every 30,000 Americans, there is one gun-related death. For every 10,000 Mexicans, there is a gun-related death. Be careful how you reply if it's to include the difference between a civilized and uncivilized nation....

Besides, the chart is about handguns. A handgun was not used for most (if not all, but I haven't caught up on the 'news') of the deaths. An assault rifle was used. Apples and... slightly less apple-y apples.

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As to the Auto many of those accidents were caused by drunk drivers?

What exactly is your point?

Principally, that only a grossly insecure teenager would use Freud as an Avi. Or use the adverb "exactly" when it adds nothing to a sentence.


Don't you walk away from me. Get back here and debate like a man!

Gross insecurity seems to have prevailed, uh, I guess. Way to really debate it out with the "huh? see ya" approach. Freud could at least string more than 2 dead-end sentences together.

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Chicago and Washington DC has tried banning guns, but yet their crime rate has not has increased...imagine that. You can take away the guns, but killers will always fine a way to kill. If you take guns away from the honest people they will haven't way to defend themselves. Criminals will, always find a way to get the guns. Banning guns only makes criminals bolder.

This is not the European experience.

Be aware that there was considerable resistance to the law making safety belts manditiory. This single initiative had a dramatic effect on auto deaths.

Why I am actually posting this is beyond me, that somebody actually has to point out to you that the primary function of cars is not to kill people.

But the primary function of automatic weapons is just that.

Does it get any clearer.

Not an Australian one have too many guns at arms reach of the people who SNAP.
People who plan a murder will always find a way to get a gun...but those who Snap may just have time to come to their senses before they go out to commit mass murder , then suicide.

The comment you're replying to, jumblewood, makes no mention of cars, so your cars'-primary-function-isn't-to-kill argument is sorely misplaced. Save the better-than-thou-ism for when you actually have a valid point to enforce. Way to step around the comment to attempt ridicule.

It's beyond me, too, why you were actually posting that.

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