When we wish for something, we always hope it will come true. Many times I would sit alone looking to the skies and wish that someone would save me... would take me away from all the pain. All that we want to do is walk away, to have our chains broken and for ourselves to be set free. Many wish for a better life. Many wish for world peace. Many wish for freedom....

The thing is, we cannot just wish for something, we have to make it to come true. It is up to ourselves to take care of those wishes. It could be the most simple wish like to get a pet or a more complected wish like to be famous. Let me tell you this, life will not get better unless you work hard for it and know what you want.

I have a saying that goes like this "wish for anything, work hard to get it". It is true, for those who have it pretty good in life, they did not earn it themselves. Well some did but others were born into the families with fame. For people like us, we know what we want. We can work for it, aim and strive for it. So remember this the next time you wish for anything;

You want something, you wish for it. When you wish, work for it and you will get it. Wishes are our hopes and our dreams. You want to achieve them? Go and make it happen. Never doubt yourself because you can do it, have faith in your self. Like me, I like writing poetry, and I am going to work hard to become a renown poet. 
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18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013